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Drugs for Treatment of Ulcers



  • calcium carbonate (Tums regular strength tablets)

  • aluminum hydroxide + magnesium carbonate (Gaviscon extra strength tablets)

  • aluminum hydroxide + magnesium hydroxide + simethicone (Maalox advanced regular strength liquid)

Mechanism of actionAntacids neutralizes gastric acid, increase the pH (reduce acidity) of gastric content and reduce gastrointestinal mucosal irritation.

Typical oral dosageTake 2 to 4 teaspoonfuls of liquid 4 times daily or chew 2 to 4 tablets as needed for symptoms                                                        

Side effects


  • constipation

  • belching

  • stomach bloating

  • diarrhea


  • hypercalcemia (increased calcium levels)

  • kidney stones

  • hypophosphatemia (increased phosphate)

Drug interactions

  • ketoconazole

  • ciprofloxacin

  • tetracycline

  • fosamax

Cost (Average Wholesale Package price)

  • $4.70 (150 Tums regular strength tablets)

  • $8.33 (100 Gaviscon extra strength tablets)

  • $4.07 (355 ml Maalox advanced regular strength liquid)


How to take themTake in between meals, at bedtime or as needed for symptoms

Onset of reliefLess than 5 minutes

Duration of relief20-30 minutes (up to 3 hours if taken 1 hour after meals)

Efficacy74% healing rate of duodenal ulcers at 4 weeks (efficacy has not been established for gastric ulcers)

Advantages and disadvantages of antacids

  • They are affordable

  • Less effective compared to other drugs

  • May need to be taken multiple times throughout the day

  • May cause acid rebound


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