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Is The iPad Pro Suitable For Your Medical Practice? Category: Health IT by - February 22, 2016 | Views: 34047 | Likes: 0 | Comment: 0  

3. Limited Applications

Apple has pitched the iPad as the only computer you need, yet access to enterprise level applications remains limited. Many EMR vendors offer a version of their software for Apple’s iOS operating system, but if you look close you’ll discover those apps are quite often watered down versions of the full application and thus offer only minimal functionality. Before replacing your PC with the iPad Pro, make sure full versions of all the software packages you use on a day-to-day basis will be fully functional and supported on Apple’s iOS.

That said, the iPad Pro’s impressive 12.9-inch screen display provides a much larger workspace than ever before, making it much more conducive to use in terminal sessions than its predecessors. If there are applications you use that are not currently supported by Apple iOS you may be able to access them via a remote desktop connection to the application’s server making this a workable issue.

4. Limited Device Integration

Do you need access to a peripheral device that connects via USB? There’s no USB port on an iPad Pro. iPad Pro users will find themselves limited in terms of external hardware that can integrate into their device. Consider how adopting the iPad Pro as your primary device will impact your ability to connect to scanners, EEG/EKG spirometers, bar code scanners, signature pads, etc.

There is no arguing that the iPad Pro is an impressive new addition to the Apple product line.  It offers nearly double the computing power of the iPad Air 2. The increased computing power, large screen size and the added ability to multitask by running two apps side-by-side are great improvements over prior editions. Is it a good investment for your medical practice? The answer, again, is “it depends on how you aim to use it.”


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