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You will have to maintain the weight

Stay within 10 pounds after the tummy tuck surgery. This will help with keeping your tummy looking defined for a longer period.

If you gained weight after a tummy tuck procedure, the fat generally goes to other areas of the body. The extra weight usually won’t ruin the stomach but it will ruin the slimming effect of your flanks and the overall contour shape achieved from surgery.

Belly Button

A full tummy tuck can involve the creation of a new belly button, though this will have to be discussed with the surgeon. For mini-tummy tuck since the incision is in the lower region of the stomach, a surgery for a new belly button is not performed.

Hefty price

A mini-tummy tuck usually costs under $10,000 while a major tummy tuck generally costs over $10,000.


The recovery for tummy tucks will vary between patients, but as a guideline, it is advised for patients who have gotten a mini-tuck to take at least two weeks off from work. For a full tummy tuck, three weeks is the advisable amount of time to take off for healing. The longer the time you can take off for healing, the better.

For light activities, you can begin after six weeks. But for high impact, it is best to wait at least two to three months. Depending on the recovery, this period may be longer. Speak to your surgeon regarding the amount of time you need before you can perform exercises and activities. The essence of the recovery period is to avoid infections and internal bleeding. It will allow the skin time to heal.

Best Candidates

Candidates for tummy tuck tend to fall into two categories:

-       Women who have gone through childbearing and want their defined looking stomach back

-       Weight loss achievers who have lost a ton of weight

For women who are looking for more children in the future, Dr. Mulholland, Toronto plastic surgeon, recommends it is best to seek a tummy tuck once the childbearing years are finished because the stomach can be restored to its former glory and it will be tightest part of the body for the rest of your life. As long as you maintain weight within ten pounds, your stomach should look good.

Final Thoughts

A tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure; rather it is an opportunity for those who have already lost weight to have the flat stomach look they have always desired. A tummy tuck is an incentive for a newer and healthier lifestyle. Continue to maintain the healthy lifestyle that got you to this point, keep exercising, building muscles and looking your best.


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