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Nerve compression or pinched nerve 

The nerves that control the body's sensations travel from the arms, legs and body to enter the spine. If the nerves that transmit sensation from the lower body become compressed, this is often referred to as a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve may cause low back pain and a deterioration of normal sensation. 

A pinched nerve is most often the result of a spine malformation pressing on the nerve. Low back pain caused by a pinched nerve often improves with medication and physical therapy. 

Spine malformation 

The spine is the backbone, also often referred to as the vertebral column. The spine is a very important structure in the body that provides support and also encloses and protects the spinal cord, which is a bundle of nerves that is continuous with the brain. The spine is constructed of a column of vertebral bones separated and cushioned by cartilaginous disks and stabilized by tendons and ligaments. If any portion of the spine becomes fragmented, broken, out of alignment, infected or inflamed, then there may be compression of the spinal cord or the spinal nerves as they enter or exit the spine. This type of pressure on the spinal cord or nerves causes severe pain and, sometimes, disability as well. 

The spine may become malformed due a number of reasons, including weakness or instability of the supportive muscles, weakness or instability of the tendons and ligaments, degeneration or movement of the cartilaginous disks, or bone degeneration or injury.  

Spine Fracture 

A spine fracture, which is a break in the bone of the spine, causes pain of the bone as well as any compressed regions of the nerves or spinal cord. While a spine fracture causes severe bone pain, often, a person who is in good health can recover from a spine fracture once the bone heals. However, close medical or surgical management is necessary to prevent permanent injury to the nerves and spinal cord. 



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